Bottled Water Treatment

Ozone in Bottled Water

Today, ozone has become an essential part of any bottled water treatment process; and has become almost unthinkable to put up a packaged drinking water plant without including the ozonation stage at the end of the treatment line, just before packaging the water. Ozone destroys all the water borne pathogens and also helps reducing some of the organics present in the water. Besides purifying the water, it is essential to maintain some amount of residual ozone in water before packaging. This helps in sterilising the bottles or the jars in which the water is being packaged. Since the half life of ozone in pure water is 20 mints., there is hardly any residual ozone in water after a few hours of packaging the water. As a result the water is free from any form of toxicity which is associated with other disinfectants which are present in the water. Also the harmful by-products of reaction with other disinfectants like chlorine are avoided by substituting with ozone.


Hence ozone treated water is absolutely safe to drink. This makes ozone the most sought after disinfectant for packaged drinking water treatment. The normal ozone plant for the packaged drinking water consists of an ozonator of required capacity depending upon the water flow rate, followed by an ozone contact tank. The ozone contact tank is designed to give sufficient time for carrying out the disinfection reaction. The ozone contact tank both injects the ozone and also dissolves it in water.