About Ozonetek


Ozonetek Limited was founded in 1991 to deal exclusively in developing ozone generators along with various accessories as well as developing ozone technologies in various fields of applications. Research & Development activities were started from the time of inception of the company in the field of ozone generation as well as ozone application technologies. Over the years the company has evolved high end technologies both in the field of ozone generation as well as ozone applications. Today Ozonetek is a market leader in ozone technology in the Indian sub-continent with modest exports to other countries. Well over1000 ozonators of varying sizes and capacities sold all over the country within a span of 28 years is a proof of commitment of the company towards the quality and service to the ozone industry.

The products developed and marketed by Ozonetek include ozone generators ranging from as low as 25 g/h capacity to over 20 kg/h from single ozonator for high end bulk water treatment applications. The accessories developed include ozone mass transfer systems, ozone contacting systems, ozone injection systems and ozone destructors for destroying undissolved ozone in water as well as oxygen concentrators. Various ozone monitoring devises are also offered in partnership with world leaders in their respective monitoring devices.

Ozone application technologies developed by Ozonetek include ozone application in bottled water treatment, municipal water supply systems, industrial waste water/effluent treatment to minimise the production of solid waste by applying multi-level ozone injection; by advanced oxidation technologies using ozone & hydrogen peroxide, ozone and UV for breaking down low biodegradable organics, cooling water treatment for saving on environment by reducing the use of chemical treatment of cooling water and thereby reducing downstream waste water load, large swimming pool water treatment, large waster body aquariums, aqua farm water treatment, pharmaceutical water treatment, etc. being a few of the many ozone applications.